Friday, February 18, 2011

I don't know what to say.. I guess.. KARMA??

  • 1:17 AM
    Dko maimagine pano cla ngng gnon

  • 1:17 AM
    Lam mo un as in totally evil

  • 1:17 AM
    Tpos nkta ko pa political views nya

  • 1:17 AM
    Who cares they r all lying bastards

  • 1:17 AM
    Grabe nga

  • 1:17 AM
    Tpos sa wall nya meron pa sabi nya sa isang navy

  • 1:18 AM
    Umalis na daw sya sa navy 2009 for some personal issue daw everybody knows what happened nmn daw

  • 1:18 AM
    Amp para bang ako pa my kasalanan kya sya umalis ng navy

  • 1:18 AM
    Kupal sobra

  • 1:18 AM
    Dko alam bkt never nya admit na my mali sya

  • 1:19 AM
    Tpos porke nurse ung babae

  • 1:19 AM
    At sunod luho nya

  • 1:19 AM
    Gnon nya kadali nkalimutan n meron sya dpat sustentuhan

  • 1:19 AM
    Tpos sasabhin pa sa dati nyang co worker

  • 1:20 AM
    Kc they r talking about ung x nung lalaki

  • 1:20 AM
    Divorce na daw bla bla

  • 1:20 AM
    Sabi ni kups

  • 1:20 AM
    Kung na ka nino ba daw custody

  • 1:20 AM

  • 1:20 AM
    Kapal ng muka para mag payo

  • 1:20 AM
    Knwing na dpat alam nya sa sarili nya wla sya kwenta

  • 1:20 AM
    And bkt ako iaad ng kamaganak nya

  • 1:21 AM
    Kakapal ng muka

  • 1:21 AM
    Ano para pamuka saken na nka add sa knla ung kupal nlang anak

  • 1:21 AM
    My god mgkaiba kmi ng culture d ako amerikana na kya sikmurain na friends friends tau 

  • Tuesday, January 18, 2011

    Bohol Trip

    Thought I'd share some pics during the Families trip to Bohol. My Folks has a new house there, it's not finished yet. We stayed there for a week, spent Christmas there and went home Dec 28th.

    At Sagbayan Peak having lunch.

    My Babies and My Sissy and her Babies!

    My Braddah swims with Baby K
    Yup my very own Justin Beiber. J/K

    My eldest Braddah!

    My son greeting his Dad on Christmas Eve.

    Breath taking view!

    My Sissy and her Family.

    With our Aunt and Uncle

    Lush Greens!

    Mommy pretends to be a Papparazzi

    Babies havin fun on the pool

    At Man made Cave! Those Tree's are so tall!

    Lol my Kuya took this pic really fast. Drivers there are insane!

    Missing Daddy!

    The beautiful Panglao

    Yup! Spent Christmas day on the Beach!

    My Kuya

    Those were live Starfish!

    No thanks Mommy, I'd stay here! :)

    It was sooo fine. Better than Bora's

    Sissy with her Family!

    I really want to go back there in Bohol. Wish it would be sooner. I miss my Ma and Pa so bad. :(

    I love you Ma and Pa..

    Baby K with Grandma :)
    Dear Papa,

                    I don't understand and I don't even wanna know why this has to happen to you. We miss you, we love you more than you'll ever know. I know it's impossible but I hope that one day.... Everything will be back to normal.. Just like the old days.. ='(
    We love you Papa!

    My Dad suffers from Brain Ischemia, that led to Cerebral Hypoxia and now we all bare the pain of him having Irreversible Brain Damage. His right brain isn't working anymore... </3

    "The best Christmas of all is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up with one another."